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Contemporary Smoked Oak Dining Table | CAROLINA



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Production Time

6 - 8 weeks

Why Is This Table For Me?

- Handmade from locally-sourced Prime Grade oak
- Stylish, statement piece for contemporary homes
- Sleek design, with curved legs and shadow gap
- Robust and hard-wearing
- Choose your size

    Stylish Dining Table

    Indulge in a touch of class with our eye-catching Carolina smoked oak dining table.

    This bold statement piece is ideal for contemporary homes, or more timeless interiors.

    The warming tones of the darker wood create a soothing effect, combining luxury and elegance with the natural world.

    A stylish shadow gap creates the illusion of a floating tabletop, while the delicately curved legs complement the minimalist look.

    Each Carolina dark oak dining table is handmade using sustainable and locally-sourced oak.

    Crafted in-house by our expert furniture makers, the smoked oak table is constructed from Prime Grade wood. This ensures a clean, immaculate finish, with no knots or blemishes.

    A special manufacturing process is used to fume the oak, circulating and permeating the wood. This causes a reaction with the tannin in the wood, causing it to darken; enhancing and drawing out the rich detail of the grain.

    The tabletop has a half-gloss, half-matt finish, providing a subtle shine and adding depth to the piece. The tabletop can be customised to provide a more bespoke finish.

    For all of its elegance, the table is also a functional addition to the home. Benefiting from the traditional characteristics of oak, it is a hard-wearing, firm, and robust solid wood table, which can be enjoyed for generations.

    Large Oak Dining Table

    The Carolina smoked oak dining table is a versatile collection piece, available in a variety of sizes.

    At its largest - 250 cm long and 100 cm wide - it can be used with 12 seats; perfect for larger families and social gatherings.

    The Carolina can also come in a more compact form, down to 160 cm x 90 cm.

    Handmade Furniture

    All pieces are handmade and variations in the wood characteristic are to be expected. Wood grain and colour vary from table to table as in from tree to tree.

    All of our wood is, when possible, locally sourced and sustainable, and every piece is custom made, by hand, in our workshop.

    We strive to create beautiful furniture that will enrich your everyday life and last for generations. 

    Dimensions And Number Of Seats

    160 cm x 90 cm: 4 | 6 seats. 
    180 cm x 90 cm: 6 | 8 seats.
    200 cm x 90 cm: 8 | 10 seats.
    220 cm x 100 cm: 8 | 10 seats.
    250 cm x 100 cm: 10 | 12 seats.


    Prime Grade Smoked Oak. 


    Smoked Oak. 

    5* Guarantee

    All our furniture comes with a 5*, 5 year guarantee.

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