About Us

Herzlich Willkommen! (Welcome!)

At Hardman Design, we work with a variety of the highest quality hardwoods, sustainably sourced from small, independent suppliers. By retaining the natural quality of the timber, and often retaining live edges to highlight the individual characteristics of each piece of wood, we strive to bring the lasting beauty of nature into the pieces we create. All of the furniture is designed and produced by a small team of carpenters, whose passion for their craft is visibly channeled into the creations. Our collections have a wide range of inspirations, from industrial design to Bauhaus, and we draw from these influences as we create new concepts. Throughout this process of design and building, we work closely with our customers to bring their ideas to life, and we are proud to be a business that keeps all stages of production in-house. Load More

The seed of Hardman Designs was planted in Berlin, Germany. Since then we have grown to a sapling where our branches have reached the UK. Starting from the ground up, we take the essence of mother nature and create elegant furniture.

Our company is in the passionate hands of Liam Hardman. Liam was born in the UK and currently runs the UK base. As we are a locally run business, we are able to connect with you, our customers, to produce designs that fit into the wants and needs of your lives. We welcome you into our team during your Hardman Design journey to make sure everything is just right.

Having starting the business in 2012, our current aim is to focus on building our brand and securing our little corner in the vast industry of furniture. We are moving towards a more self-sufficient future, as our hand picked woods are going to be milled and dried in-house. This means from the first steps of choosing the wood, through to the production it will all be in our hands which guarantees you quality furniture.

We Love What We Do - And It Shows.

A raw passion for wood work and the environment was the bedrock that started our company and it continues to influence our growth. Many long hours and much total dedication is required to continue crafting and designing furniture in an innovative way, but our team has a burning desire that pushes them to improving and evolving our craft. Just check out our Buttercup Table which has the ability to extend creating more room for family and friends for any occasion.

We are inspired by many influences when creating new concepts, especially when it comes to Industrial and Mid Century modern designs, as well as Bauhaus. Stripping back the elements of each design to the most vital features and functions allows the hardwood characteristics such as the grain and live edges to be a focal point. We approach our designs in a minimalist manner that allows the authenticity of hand crafted furniture and Mother Nature to really stand out.

Although our team may be small, one of our larger projects was when we were invited to take part in the re-design of the Etsy head office in Germany. This was a great honour and experience where we closely worked with the Etsy team. We were able to provide them with 5 bespoke pieces that were handcrafted to perfection.

Working closely with each customer, we bring your ideas to life. Providing you with the function and beauty of hand crafted furniture. Designed and produced in-house our small team is driven by passion.

Our Passion Is "In-House Production" - But What is That?

All our products are hand built by our team, from fine woodwork to heavy metal work. Not only this since 2018 we have begun sourcing our own wood. This means we select the best trees for our work. These are then processed and made into fitting boards based on future projects. After this, we dry out the wood in specialised drying chambers. All in all the process can take around 6 months, then the fun begins as we craft these specially selected boards into your products. From start to finish we create and fulfil the entire supply chain for making your favourite hardwood furniture.

Meet The Team

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Liam Hardman | Founder

Liam Hardman is the founder of Hardman Design, and takes inspiration from Bauhaus design to create his own collection of high quality furniture. The idea for Hardman Design came to Liam while working and living in Berlin. Being raised by a family of builders and carpenters, Liam was able to explore the craft while helping his dad on restoration projects. Although woodwork wasn’t always his primary interest, after designing his first piece, he realised this was his true calling. And so, Hardman Designs was created.

Matias Majica - Sales Manager

An experienced and passionate craftsman, Matias Majica is the Sales Manager at Hardman Design. Deeply integrated in the end-to-end customer journey, Matias offers honest and transparent consultation, advising you on the wood, table model or wood finish that will fit in best with your existing furniture. His years of experience with sustainable home decoration and furniture - including interior design projects for corporate and private clients - coupled with his expertise in quality handcrafted woodwork, ensure he can recommend the right product to each and every Hardman Design customer.

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Julie Tarabay | Production Update Manager

Julie Tarabay is the Production Update Manager. Julie values the importance of customer satisfaction, making each Hardman Design client feel valued and understood. “Constant communication is key, keeping our customers in the loop about what is happening with their order and finding solutions to any requests they make,” she says. Julie built her account manager portfolio by working with a cross-section of business partners before joining Hardman Design last year. She described the opportunity as exciting and was drawn to the role by our authenticity and passion for handcrafting Bauhaus-inspired furniture.

Anna Gaunt | Customer Service & Logistics

Anna Gaunt is part of the customer service and logistics team at Hardman Design. Focused on providing the best service possible, she places customer communication at the heart of her values, ensuring that every person who buys Hardman Design furniture enjoys the experience and is kept up to date with their order. For Anna, after-care and life-time support is an important ingredient of customer satisfaction, ensuring that anyone who purchases our furniture can ask us questions and receive advice long after they have taken delivery of their order.

Sam Hardman - Customer Service and Logistics Support

Sam Hardman is part of the customer service and logistics support team at Hardman Design. A member of the Hardman family, Sam has fine furniture-making in his DNA and understands the true value of quality craftsmanship. Having spent three years studying media production, Sam is also responsible for populating the Hardman Design website, ensuring our customers have comprehensive information about our products and the Hardman Design experience.

Sasha | Production Manager

Our Production Manager, Sasha, has had a passion for the woodworking craft since he was little. As a young boy, Sasha would watch his uncle in his workshop create beautiful products. Already eager to learn more about it, he then went to college to study woodwork technology and aesthetics which has continued to be his favourite thing throughout his working life. It’s great to have someone that is so invested in the craft managing our production processes.

Slavik | Workshop Manager

Slavik, our Workshop Manager is a hard-working team player who ensures our team is safe and motivated. During work experience at school, Slavik gained an interest in the carpentry skill and as a result, has had a working life feeling inspired and enthusiastic about his future in woodworking.