Mid Century Modern Walnut Dining Table on Brass Legs | EMILIE

by Liam Hardman


Product Description

This large Mid Century Modern Walnut Dining table is made from European Walnut and set on solid Brass W Legs. Perfect as a Conference table or dining table. The elegant, sleek Danish modern design has a elegant appearance. The natural contoured edging and intensity of colour makes for a bold and engaging piece.


Length: 220cm

Width: 90cm

Height: 72cm

Top Thickness: 4cm 


Free Shipping (for UK, DE, France and the Netherlands)


Tabletop: Walnut

Table Legs: Brass 


Tabletop: Walnut

Frame: Brass

Production Time

Maximum 8 weeks. Faster build time available upon request.


All pieces are handmade and variations in the metalwork and wood characteristic are to be expected. Wood grain and colour vary from table to table as in from tree to tree. All of our wood is, when possible, locally sourced and sustainable, and every piece is custom made, by hand, in our workshop. We strive to create beautiful furniture that will enrich your everyday life and last for generations.

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