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Meet The Team

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Liam Hardman | Founder

Liam Hardman is the founder of Hardman Design, and takes inspiration from Bauhaus design to create his own collection of high quality furniture.  The idea for Hardman Design came to Liam while working and living in Berlin. Being raised by a family of builders and carpenters, Liam was able to explore the craft while helping his dad on restoration projects. Although woodwork wasn’t always his primary interest, after designing his first piece, he realised this was his true calling. And so, Hardman Designs was created.


Sasha | Production Manager

Our Production Manager, Sasha, has had a passion for the woodworking craft since he was little. As a young boy, Sasha would watch his uncle in his workshop create beautiful products. Already eager to learn more about it, he then went to college to study woodwork technology and aesthetics which has continued to be his favourite thing throughout his working life. It’s great to have someone that is so invested in the craft managing our production processes.

Slavik | Workshop Manager

Slavik, our Workshop Manager is a hard-working team player who ensures our team is safe and motivated. During work experience at school, Slavik gained an interest in the carpentry skill and as a result, has had a working life feeling inspired and enthusiastic about his future in woodworking.