The Story Of Hardman Design


The Story Of Hardman Design

It is a well known saying in business that “people buy from people.” Yes, a great advert can make a large dining table or walnut wood furniture look stylish and enticing. But there has to be more than that, and this is why people often look toward family businesses, as they often reflect the values that people expect in terms of the care and passion that goes behind the product, and this is something that is definitely true of Hardman Design.

Hardman Design is run by Liam Hardman and Nomin Uranchimeg, Liam is in charge of overseeing the UK side of the company, while Nomin covers the operations in Germany.

The company first started in Berlin around 2012. The designs created by Hardman were inspired by the Bauhaus movement, a kind of artistic philosophy that developed in Germany, seeking to elevate the status of craftsmanship to the level of art and architecture.

While this sounds very grand, the idea behind the Bauhaus style was that you could see, feel and appreciate the craft that went into the furniture design- when you buy bespoke oak furniture, you see the actual oak wood as part of it, while any metal that is used is incorporated into the look. Essentially, it is about paying respect to the natural resources that created the furniture, making it stylish but also comfortable and feeling part of the home.


Every design that we create has been specifically made with the purchaser in mind. Typically, these can take six to eight weeks, with the results definitely being worth the wait!

The passion that is put into these designs extends to the production values as well- everything is created to be sustainable, with the company doing as much as possible in house. This includes sourcing more of our own wood, with currently 60% dried and milled in-house.

Your needs

While the aesthetic style of our bespoke furniture is important, we are also aware of practical needs. Whether it is extending tables for when you have friends and family coming round or custom-made office furniture to make working from home that little bit more comfortable, we can find a design that works best to suit your needs.

For more information or to discuss your design requirements in more detail, please contact Hardman Design today and we will be happy to find something to suit you.

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